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AOHUSA is a nonprofit organization, under IRS section 501 (C) (3), and has been in operation since November 2003. Terri Mendoza, co-founder and board of director of AOHUSA and a breast cancer survivor who had her treatment at City of Hope, coined the name "Angels of Hope", after City of Hope. We became known as Angels of Hope, a group of people bound by common cause.

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Our group and our supporters are tireless and have bonded in achieving our goals of giving hope and optimism. As we continue the road of sharing "Straight From The Heart" please keep in mind, we depend on voluntary kindness of friends like you. We promise we will have to work hard to make every penny go as far as we can. On behalf of all our scholars, our graduates, our village families and the many children blessed with our gifts, specially to Msgr. Jim Loughnane our spiritual director, we thank you. Please keep in mind, your tax deductible donation is crucial as we help more poor families in the Philippines.

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